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Live Room

The Live Room at EAR boasts a floated floor, vaulted ceilings, and acoustic treatment specially designed by Owner Sean McPherson and the Folks at Atlanta Pro Audio. Not to mention a Vintage Slingerlan... Read More

Control Room

The Control room at EAR houses an MCI JH636 Large Format recording console with Fully integrated TT patchbay. Its also includes outboard gear from NEVE, API, SSL, Imperical Labs, UREI, and Symetrix. Read More

Vocal Booth

4' x 10' spacious, Isolated sound booth. Perfect for recording Clean Vocals, Voice-overs, Guitars, Bass, and Percussion instruments, with a variety of tube and condenser microphones that are available... Read More


East Atlanta Recording was founded in 2006 by Partners Eddie Edwards and Sean McPherson. EAR aims to bring the High end Commercial Recording experience to the Independent Artists at a price they can afford. With over 20 years experience in the business Producer Sean McPherson specializes in Artist Development.


Contact seanmcphrsn@yahoo.com for booking or 404.357.0848 for questions on booking/rates.

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